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Sara Liz @saraliz stopped by about a week ago and we played with light and a Rolleicord and a Nikon FM.




Fiat Lux - Fine Art Nudes by Zoe Wiseman

Fiat Lux - Fine Art Nudes by Zoe Wiseman

I will be exhibiting 10 years of fine art nudes at A&I Photographic in Hollywood. Opening reception is February 18, 2010, 7PM to 10PM. A&I will be producing a book for the show, as well as a special limited edition book titled Fiat Lux.

50% of all proceeds will benefit The Weingart Center. They help many people here in Los Angeles transform themselves from being homeless to productive members of our community. I lived in downtown Los Angeles for a year at 4th and Main Streets directly in the midst of skid row in a refurbished artist loft. The brutal inhumanity of it all affected me. I have decided to give 50% of all proceeds to an organization which focuses on transforming these lives and helping them get off the street.

A book signing, beer and wine bar, catered food and over 30 prints from several of her series. Models on the wall include; Ida Mae, Candace Nirvana, Jazmine Dominique, Natasha Kay, Marketa, Carlotta Champagne, Madame Bink, Muse, Kat Love, Ivory Flame, Stephanie Anne, Larva X, Rebecca Lawrence, Vassanta, Rei, Pash, Niecy Moss, Rebecca Fox, Jessamyne, Zinn Star, Soph and Maria Erickson.

A&I Photographic

933 N. Highland Ave.

Hollywood, CA 90038

Please come out and celebrate! To keep up to date – please subscribe to Zoe Wiseman’s personal website feed.

A&I has posted my exhibition online on their website. You can see all of my prints here. The Weingart Center also posted a wonderful webpage about my show on their website. I’m really looking forward to helping the homeless on Skid Row.

Coma - @2008 Zoe Wiseman - model: Ivory Flame

Coma - @2008 Zoe Wiseman - model: Ivory Flame

Before arriving to Australia I found this amazing park online during my searches for locations. I fell in love with it 6 months before our arrival. It’s basically dilapidated ruins of a Spanish estate. Jose Paronella started building this for the public in 1929 and it is a magical feast for the eyes.

The day we arrived, the major paper in the area, The Cairns Post, did a little fluff piece on all of the photographers and models who were there in the area. They interviewed me and my friends, Candace and Cameron – Cameron took the picture for the paper. It was fun. I had picked the paper up at the local news stand on the drive out to the park and read the article and smiled about it.

Whilst in the park there was a particular park ranger who kept eyeing us, especially me, looking me in they eyes and asking what we could possibly be doing standing in one spot for so long, as he was taking a tour group to the bat cave (literally). We just smiled and said we were admiring the sound of the water. And as the tour group passed – Ivory Flame and Stephanie Anne would disrobe as one kept look out for passersby while I photographed the other. (You definitely need more than one person in a place like this.) Our code word was Spider. If people were coming, Ivory Flame or Stephanie would yell “SPIDER.” And then the other would quickly get dressed. It makes for excitement! haha.

We went round with this through the park photographing in various spots as you can see in the photographs. When I took the last frame of Ivory Flame and said that was a roll and started to wind the film… I was crushed. I had gone through the entire park making pictures (so I thought) with no film in the camera. I almost cried. Ivory Flame was so sweet and said… “Oh Zoe, it’s OK… we can just do it again. Don’t worry.” Sincerely concerned and amazingly reassuring to me. So we went round the park again (haha) yelling “Spider” and setting up and such very quickly and made the pictures you see here.

We ran into this park ranger on several more stops he made. Once in the big trees where I photographed Stephanie (with only 2 frames left on the roll, not bad Stephanie!). Ivory Flame yelled “Spider” and Stephanie barely got her dress back on as the tour group with the ranger walked up. She was putting on her blouse over her dress and the ranger said, “Nearly busted.” And Stephanie said, “But not quite!” And with three girls giggling and smiling, what could he do but smile back?

The park has a little restaurant with a beautiful porch where you can sit and overlook the grounds. We grabbed some pies and coffee and sat to rest and eat a bit before driving on back to our spot at the beach. As we were eating the park ranger came up to us with the newspaper I had my picture in and asked, “Is this you?” And I smiled giggled and said yes that it was. So he asked for all our autographs and we all signed the newspaper for him.

And that’s the backstory.

Marketa Belonoha 

Playboy cover model, represented in NYC and Milan. She was in town for a job and stopped by for a shoot and these are a few of the images that were made. It was a rainy day so I wanted to take advantage of the rain on my studio windows. 

Marketa is from the Eastern Block, Czech Republic… so these are a set of images called the Eastern Curtain. 

All images were made with Kodak Tri-X 400 Medium format Black and White film and a Rolleicord. 

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