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Expended almost the last pack of Chocolate Polaroid a couple weeks ago with Sara.
Here are a couple. Enjoy.

model Sara Liz @2011 Zoe Wiseman

model Sara Liz @2011 Zoe Wiseman

model Sara Liz @2011 Zoe Wiseman

model Sara Liz @2011 Zoe Wiseman

There’s something spiritual about sitting down with a cup of hot coco and scanning Type 85 Polaroid negatives. Well, any negatives really. I just like to talk film specs so the search engines pick me up. It’s all a game with google really. I play games with that jerk all the time. One of those geeky things I’ve learned being online since before some of these models graduated from high school. It used to be Yahoo! They used to be all exclusive. You used to have to pay Yahoo! to list your site. Could you imagine that today? They ran so many people away. But! Enough about this I’m rambling!

I have been super busy lately. So busy that it’s taken me since March 27 to even scan all the Polaroid film I shot, and I haven’t even taken the 35mm and 120 down to be developed. I’d develop it myself, but living in a glass house is a bit problematic with light leaking and all that. Not one spot in the house for total complete darkness. So, bust.

But I’ve had three really great shoots and I’m posting some of the stuff now. St. Merrique and I worked together up in Malibu and Meghan and I stole some time in Palm Springs during the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Both are AMAZING and super nice. I love working with nice friendly people.

Also – I will be in a show on May 27 with Rene Russo (girl crush) and unfortunately I will so not be able to be at the show. My Grandfather’s funeral is on May 28. So… leNU LA and “C’est la vie” ~ But, Rei will be hanging around on the wall, so go to the show and buy the book and check it out if you happen to be in Los Angeles. Lots of photographers and models who are on this site will also be mingling about and hanging on walls. It’s all so ritualistic. My official site has all the skinny on that.

Enjoy pictures made on Chocolate, Silver and Type 85 Polaroid with a Holga…

Polaroid Type 85 went right after SX-70. It’s understandable about Type 85 really. I mean, I’m the only one I know who ever shot nudes with it. Maybe someone else is out there? If so… let me know! I want to see your work too. Holga w/Polaroid back and Type 85. I still have mass amounts of film left.

I thought I would go through 12 packs in Australia, but alas… I broke my Polaroid bucket once I got to OZ and had to use a bowl from the house I rented so trucking around in the rainforest wasn’t so optional. Improvising is fun.

One day I photographed Rei and Muse at the house we were staying in together. The quote of the day was, “Ladies! Quit talking about boys and start talking about POSES!” I was running back and forth from the bowl to the shooting spot with Polaroid goo on my fingers and the paper stuff stuck to them while trying to hold two developed positives in my mouth at times. I swear if I ever had a “diva moment” that was it. Muse and Rei continued to taunt me about it for days. I’m certain my hair MUST have been sticking out all over the place too. It wasn’t… but it ads to the drama so play along. I was acting very exasperated because I was actually upset at the sun. See, it was moving way too rapidly and I needed it to stay where it was for at least another hour. But, of course time doesn’t play that way… so exasperated I was. Here are some of the “diva moment” photographs. With Type 85 of course.

Type 85

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