One of my friends made a movie of the Fiat Lux opening reception. Thanks Greg!! You can see his YouTube stream here!

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For those of you who expressed interest in purchasing my book, you can do so at A&I’s website. A portion of all sales benefit the Weingart Center.

Fiat Lux ~ Fine Art Nudes by Zoe Wiseman

Fiat Lux ~ Fine Art Nudes by Zoe Wiseman - The Book


Opening Reception

On February 18, 2010 I’m having a solo showing of my work at A&I Photographic in Hollywood. I think I’ve picked out a few “THESE ABSOLUTELY MUST BE ON THE WALL” images. I’m also thinking of making little series of 5×7’s in boxes to sell at the opening reception for very reasonable prices. I’ll post some of those series here as the time draws nearer. But, these are absolutes.

I thought I’d blog about this because I’m sure I’m not the only photographer who has a hard time choosing what images to put in a show. I mean, it’s hard to separate ourselves from our work sometimes. Sometimes we are overtly critical with ourselves, while other times we aren’t critical enough. How do you know when you have a healthy balance? The moon is also in Scorpio (my sun sign) which probably isn’t helping all that much because we Scorps are a passionate lot.

I’m having a showing of my work in Hollywood on February – the 18th being the opening reception. So, I have to narrow down my work to about 30 images. The last time I had a show it was easy… I was teaching a Holga workshop in the gallery and the show needed to be about my Holga work obviously. No problem picking out prints for that. But, now… and 5 years rolling by since that show… I’ve shot A LOT OF WORK! And the photos that were in that last show, they probably won’t even make the cut now. Maybe one.

So I sit here with negatives up to my neck, my hair frazzled like static electricity from the negatives rubbing together then touching my hair (well pulling it out) is creating a funny image of myself.

My plan started with making a mock up drawing with pen and paper of the gallery space. Drawing out how many prints I could fit on the wall. Then once I looked at all the photos I wanted to include, and thought about all the models I didn’t want to disappoint if they weren’t hanging on the wall, and the economy, I thought, “Well, maybe I can make a little piece of the wall a group of 5×7’s that people could afford to take home.” But, subliminally I think it was only so I could add more photos to my show. With 16×20 pictures framed I can fit 30. With a little piece of the wall dedicated to 5×7’s or 4×4’s, I can fit 40. And if I have a couple of really BIG prints say… 36″, I can fit 36. All the things you must think of!

Then I started freaking out thinking I needed to make it all about one project. Or even all about one place or model. (I know it isn’t going to happen, but, in my head that’s what was happening)

So, this is my self doubt blog. Putting it out there and letting it fade away to the confines of cyberspace, if they are even confined.

Please tell me I’m not alone.

I Spy With My Plastic Eye, is a group print exhibition visualized by photographer, Astor Morgan. The exhibit, brought to life by A&I, is a testament to the unique qualities of toy cameras. Each artist approached their imagery with a singular voice, using a variety of film types, techniques, and cameras.

Because the charity weSpark will benefit from proceeds of this exhibit, special arrangements have been made with the contributing artists to allow their prints so be sold at unprecedented prices. Please visit, www.weSpark.org .

Contributing Artists:
Zoe Wiseman, Aline Smithson, Anne Elliot Cutting, Monica Orozco, Erin McGuire, April Rocha, Christiane Ingenthron, Carmen Luceno, Connie Conway, Daniel Lupercio, Ellen Stone, Gal Harpaz, Maura Brennan, Nicole Cooper, Noelle Swan Gilbert, Jason Costanzo, Joshua Elliot, Liv Naesheim, Manuello Paganelli, Maura Brennan, Meg Madison, Niki Mustain, Nelson Blanton, Thomas Michael Alleman, Astor Morgan, Michael Kirchoff, Jolie Margulies, Karen Florek, Evan Walsh and Vern Evans.

Sponsored by:
A&I, HP, Fuji, Freestyle, Light Leaks Magazine, Lens Babys, and Julia Dean.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

7:00pm – 10:00pm

A&I Hollywood

933 N. Highland Avenue

Hollywood, CA

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Victim #16 Fallen Keyboard - The Fragile Tour - Nine Inch Nails

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