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I really love working with Carlotta. It’s easy. And she likes death metal.

I bought a lot of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Carlotta loves circus freaks. The flowers turned into props after talking about Circus Side Shows. You can plan anything and everything, but sometimes inspiration is spontaneous.

Everything was shot with Polaroid Type 55 using a Speed Graphic.

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I love working with Toy cameras. A lot of my work has been done with a Holga with a Polaroid Back attached to it, using Type 85 Positive/Negative film. The Diana was the original Toy cam and I was lucky to buy one of Susan Burnstine’s. Each toy camera has it’s own soul – so to speak – meaning that the camera’s are not uniform and each individual camera has some little glitch on it that transforms your images differently. Normally I would never attempt to photograph with a toy camera in the shade, just because it’s basically an F16 camera that requires a lot of sunshine. But this particular Diana does fairly well in the shade if it has at least a little F16 sunshine somewhere in the frame. For some reason that helps it. I have no idea why. It’s just a toy!

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