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Truly. Candace is a ridiculously great model. I know it takes two so I’m not too humble not to pat myself on the back, but it’s pretty insane when you can’t decide what image should be THE ONE from a roll of film. This is from 1/2 hours work. I’m almost terrified to work for longer for fear the decision making will prove to be that much more intense. But after all these years of working with Candace I never get tired of seeing the results. What’s YOUR favorite?

Expended almost the last pack of Chocolate Polaroid a couple weeks ago with Sara.
Here are a couple. Enjoy.

model Sara Liz @2011 Zoe Wiseman

model Sara Liz @2011 Zoe Wiseman

model Sara Liz @2011 Zoe Wiseman

model Sara Liz @2011 Zoe Wiseman

So, it’s the beginning of the year. 2011. (Honestly I miss the 90s. They seemed a bit more carefree.) I guess it’s time to reflect upon what I feel are my best images from 2010. Ansel Adam’s said that if he made 12 good images in a year, it was a good year. I kind of feel the same way. Though sometimes it’s really hard to edit.

The internet has really killed the concept of editing. And I think that’s one of the drawbacks of the web. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a photographers website and just kind of got bored because they’ve put up 20 different images from the same shoot, or sometimes even MORE. Models are even worse when editing themselves. Honestly, if you have 10 great images, that’s all you really need. I say this, not to bitch, but to help. And I’m even guilty of it sometimes. I’ll admit it. The internet makes it easy just to digitally edit, throw EVERYTHING up there, and leave it to the audience to decide what image is THE ONE. But… when you’re trying to sell your work, you need to make it easier for the person interested in it to decide. How can they if they are faced with 1000 images on your website? Let’s face it, their eyes gloss over.

It used to be that one wasn’t able to show their work to as many people. They had to rely on books, magazines and gallery exhibitions in order to get their work out there. So, they really had to edit themselves down. Plus, there wasn’t digital photography so not as many images were being made. I’ve never been one to want MORE… I’ve only wanted ONE GOOD IMAGE from a shoot. Sometimes I’m lucky and every frame I expose is good. But, even in these situations, even when you don’t realize it sometimes, there really is only ONE image that stands out. And that would be the one you would send to be published, mounted on a wall or selected for purchase by a collector. There’s too much of this mentality that you must show it all. Frankly, almost all of it is boring and repetitive. So are photographers portfolios who only work with one model. So are models who only do one pose … over and over and over again. Themes are amazing! Don’t misunderstand my thoughts here. But, unless you are photographing a storyboard (a procession of photographs that tell a story) pick only one. Don’t be afraid to stand out on a ledge and throw the images off a cliff. And don’t hoard your work… by hoarding I mean not being able to let go of an image purely for emotional or obsessive reasons. Step back from your work and be your own harshest critic.

Or, make a portfolio that will only show your best work. Getting rid of the “modeling sets” mentality. That’s only for cheesy websites like Zivity or pay sites made for guys to jack off too. Seriously. Sorry, but I really don’t want someone jacking off to any of my work. OMG I’m so harsh right now, but it’s the truth and you know it is. Send collectors, publishers and gallery reps to your main portfolio with your best work. Try doing 12 for each year. Date each folder that way if you wish. Those in the business will know what you’re doing and why. They know who Ansel is and what he said. If you have other people who are interested in seeing all of your work, I think that’s kind of what a blog is for these days. You get to have a portfolio section, plus blog posts from your years of modeling or photographing. A photographic diary of sorts. A progression. But, those just starting out should delete old blog posts that make their work seem amateurish. Everyone starts somewhere, and that’s OK! That’s amazing! But, don’t leave those “starting out” images up there on the web for people to gasp at after you’ve become the most awesome photographer that you are today. Get rid of them. Hide them. Leave them only for yourself to remember that you too were once a newb that didn’t know what you were doing. Then maybe you’ll help someone else become better when you remember where you came from.

So anyway… These are my favorite 12 from the year 2010.  I hope someone got something out of that diatribe up there ^^^



Orizon Nouvo

The book my image “Solar Energy” was published in has now been released by 205 different photographers with one photo each are all included inside this collective. You can purchase a copy by going to

Jazmine Dominique is the beautiful model in the photo.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy - @2007 Zoe Wiseman - Model: Jazmine Dominique

Just a couple of photos of St. Merrique with my Rolleicord. Taking a little break in between work and scheduling and catching up with all manner of things. I never have enough time.

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