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It’s been so long! How are you? I’ve been in Australia at my yearly artist retreat. While I was away I got word that my work had been featured by the Duncan Miller Gallery in their newly formed website set to promote the work of contemporary, vintage and other well known images made by photographers. I was pleased to see the photo I made with Jazmine Dominique hanging out with Muhammad Ali. I think she looks just as strong. Kind of interesting seeing those images next to each other. Feminine and Masculine power. Nicely chosen, curators… nicely chosen. Their new site is called Your Daily Photograph and the images they’re sending out are superb. Masters and contemporary, emerging and vintage. You can subscribe to their site and get images delivered to your inbox daily.

Do so before my next image gets sent out! Which will be soon they tell me. I’ll post again when it’s up so you can see. Please click the image to be taken to the feature on their website where you can see the other images chosen.

Until then…

featured over at Your Daily Photograph

featured over at Your Daily Photograph

I feel so happy (and lucky) to have been able to test out this film and be part of the very beginnings of bringing my way of working back to life. As I am sure those of you who love Polaroid Type 55 (and miss it dearly) are anxiously awaiting the day when you can go out and shoot and develop a negative right in the field may feel just by knowing that the negatives have been exposed. Once in a Blue Moon (when I shot the images) good things do happen! And it’s all thanks to Bob Crowley who has been working like crazy to produce the film again. Please visit the New55 FILM project website and get to know the new goodness!

I received the hand made film and immediately got nervous, “what if I mess this up?” Luckily it is so much like shooting with Polaroid Type 55 that from the first exposure, and handling it so very delicately, I lost that sense of nervousness and just started dancing (uncontrollable dancing happiness) around after each click of the shutter.

It fits in my i545 back just as easily as the Polaroid Type 55 does.

I still have a stash of Polaroid Type 55 locked away in a secret bunker so I was also able to shoot with both and compare the two films. Gladly, I had a model, St. Merrique, who is quite the pro so doing the same poses and remembering them wasn’t a big deal for her. Let’s hear it for awesome models!

Polaroid Type 55 in developing bucket

Polaroid Type 55 in developing bucket with the first pose and Positive next to the hand made New55 FILM and the old Polaroid Type 55 film side by side.

As you can see, it’s truly the beginnings of the film. Hand written instructions on the film sleeve and everything. It’s amazing what they have done so far in such a short amount of time. The “Stop” is obviously where you stop pulling up the sleeve before you expose your neg. The dotted lines are a guide for where you need to cut the sleeve open with scissors as this is truly the beginning of the film production. Shooting it like this really made me appreciate it so much more.

See the Polaroid Type 55 negative in the bucket of Sodium Sulfite with the pinkish chemicals washing off the negative, I didn’t get this as much with the New55. It was a bit pink, but not as much.

New55 FILM developing in Polaroid bucket

New55 FILM developing in Polaroid bucket


There are no attachments on the negative of New55 like there are on Polaroid Type 55 (paper – see above, first photo) – which I found to be lovely. A pure sheet of film that has been hand coated almost even resembling a platinum print. I allowed each New55 negative to sit in the bucket of Sodium Sulfite for 5-10 minutes. They suggested using Rapid Fix but I didn’t have any so I used Sodium Sulfite (to clear the chemicals off the neg) and it worked fine.

When you come back to it a white goo has formed on the negative which you have to gently smudge off by hand by carefully rubbing the negative. I suggest wearing rubber gloves for this but I didn’t have any so I just sacrificed myself and dove in naked.

This is what the negative looks like before peeling it off of the sleeve to dip in the bucket. Notice the hand taped love! So cool.

New55 Negative on Sleeve

New55 Negative on Sleeve with hand made love

The white section on the sleeve that holds the negative in place are the chemical pods. When you yank the film out of the i545 back these chemicals get dispersed so a positive side of the negative can develop. An immediate contact print. (and yes, that’s a rubix cube)

new55 and type55 positives side by side

new55 and type55 positives side by side

The positives of the two films are completely different. The New55 positive (on the left) looks like a platinum print while the Polaroid Type 55 positive looks like a straight black and white image. The developing time for the New55 is 2 minutes while the developing time for the Polaroid Type 55 is about 20 seconds. I wish I would have tried developing the New55 just a little bit longer, maybe 3 minutes, to see what it would have looked like, but I JUST thought of that this second. I wonder if it would give me more contrast or darken it a bit. I hope I get to try that out some day soon!

I posted this image on Facebook right after I shot it (before it got flagged by a prude and facebook deleted it) and someone (I forget who) asked me a question that I’ve heard lots of times from photographers. Do you have to expose for the negative or the positive to get a good positive side? Photographers who don’t religiously (I’m a zealot) use Polaroid Pos/Neg always seem to think that the exposure for the positive is different than the exposure of the negative. I THINK THIS IS A MYTH. The way the positive develops is completely different to how the negative develops. And who wants the positive anyway? It’s really only a contact sheet. The way you get a good Positive is not to peel apart the two pieces (the negative and the positive) before the developing time is up. With Polaroid Type 55 in 75 degrees that’s 20 seconds. If I want my negative to be darker I let it develop more (30-40 seconds). If I want it to be lighter, I peel it apart after 5 seconds. Just like you would in a darkroom under a lamp when you’re printing. Or if you’d leave a print in the developer for too long it would get too dark. But I just don’t put a lot of interest into the positive side of the film. It only shows me if I’m on target and if I shot what I thought I shot, or if I need to try it again. Plus, the model can see if she needs to adjust her pose or I can see if I need to adjust my exposure a bit. The negative is the big deal, the big kahuna, the whole enchilada… If I wanted a positive “only” why would I bother shooting pos/neg film? I’ve always wondered about this when some photographers say this about the exposure thing. And I could be wrong… I’ve just never concerned myself with the positive. Unless it pertains to happiness.

Speaking of HAPPINESS!!!!!!!! Check out the negatives!

©2012 Zoe Wiseman New55 FILM first exposure - model: St. Merrique

©2012 Zoe Wiseman New55 FILM first exposure – model: St. Merrique

and expired Polaroid Type 55 (peeling negative sadness)

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman Polaroid Type 55 Negative - model: St. Merrique

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman Polaroid Type 55 Negative – model: St. Merrique


If you have followed my work at all and have seen my Polaroid Type 85 or 665 images where I solarize the negatives, you will understand why I like the New55 film better than the Polaroid Type 55. What depth and funkiness and just WOW awesome!

New55 and Polaroid Type 55 side by side

New55 and Polaroid Type 55 side by side

After testing my first image (it’s a bit lighter than I’d ultimately like it) shooting at 50 ISO, I decided to change my settings just a tiny bit. I don’t remember exactly how much. But just a tad. So I probably shot the second exposure at about 35 ISO. I just had an impulse to do it and it worked out great.


© 2012 Zoe Wiseman - New55 FILM negative second exposure - model: St. Merrique

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman – New55 FILM negative second exposure – model: St. Merrique

And the Polaroid Type 55 for comparison (shot at 50 ISO):

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman - Polaroid Type 55 negative - model: St. Merrique

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman – Polaroid Type 55 negative – model: St. Merrique


So as you can see, much different films, but just beautiful, luscious, and YUMMY. For my work… this is what I want! The New55 Film reminds me more of the Polaroid 665 or 85 films than the 55 film. With the 665 you would always get little surprises that would put a unique spin on the image. I live for those little surprises. I enjoyed shooting with Type 85 on a Holga with a Polaroid back way more than I enjoyed shooting with Type 55 because of this. Like shooting a Holga with a peculiar light leak or solarizing your negatives in the sun. (see an earlier post I made about this here:

Sure – you can get tack sharp images with a Hassy or some digital contraption, but I have always loved quirks. The quirkier the better. And the New55 film has got quirky covered.

The next 3 images were all shot at 50 ISO.

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman - New55 FILM - model: St. Merrique

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman – New55 FILM – model: St. Merrique


With the image below this text, I tried peeling it at one minute instead of 2 minutes (the total developing time) to see if I could get some solarization happening by holding it up to the sun. I think that’s what the fog bit is on the lower left and the funky line near the top edge. I wish I would have been braver and pulled the negative at 2 seconds to see what would happen, but testing it just proves to me it’s possible – I just got chicken and waited too long. (see an earlier post I made about this here: if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman - New55 FILM - model: St. Merrique

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman – New55 FILM – model: St. Merrique – an failed attempt at solarization of the negative.

And on this image below… as I was putting the film into the film holder the sleeve slipped off about a quarter inch. I caught it in time before it exposed the entire negative (cursing at myself), but as you can see it has the line at the top of her head where the sleeve slipped.  I think it may have fogged the negative just a little bit because of that. But I love the way it turned out anyway.

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman - New55 FILM negative - model: St. Merrique

© 2012 Zoe Wiseman – New55 FILM negative – model: St. Merrique


So those are the 5 images I was able to shoot from the 5 slides of film I was given to test. I would like more please! haha. I’m just happy I have the negatives and it worked and that I didn’t disappoint myself or Bob as he’s worked tirelessly to make this happen. Does anyone have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around? Production must commence! If you are an investor and believe in art related goodness… give Bob your money so I can shoot this film every day. Please? With sugar on top?

One of the other things I love about the negative is it conforms to all the standard 4×5 film holders! Especially for the film holders on my scanner. The Polaroid Type 55 negative is just a smidgen larger than a 4×5, so trying to get that huge negative into a 4×5 film holder and scan the entire negative can be quite the challenge. The New55 negative fits in perfect with no fuss at all. It’s a true 4×5 negative.

I took some iPhone snaps of what I’m talking about so you can try to see what I mean.

Polaroid Type 55 Negative trying to fit into the 4x5 film holder for the Epson V750

Polaroid Type 55 Negative trying to fit into the 4×5 film holder for the Epson V750 – look at each edge. The right side has overlap.


New55 FILM fits into the Epson V750 film holders perfectly

New55 FILM fits into the Epson V750 film holders perfectly – zero overlap


Polaroid Type 55 on left - New55 FILM on right

Polaroid Type 55 on left – New55 FILM on right – the Polaroid film doesn’t quite sit inside the Film Sleeve the way it should compared to the New55 FILM which fits in perfect.


Please let me know if you have any questions about my experience using the film below in the comments section. I hope I covered everything! If not, just ask! And if you have any questions about the production or that sort of thing – Please visit the New55 FILM project website and get to know the new goodness! Bob Crowley answers a lot of questions about this and his FAQ will tell you a bit too. And don’t forget to send him a few hundred thousand dollars. Annenberg… are you listening? Please please please? 🙂

Everyone have a very safe and sober Labor Day! Much love!

Today is International Woman’s Day

In case you haven’t been paying attention there have been over 1100 pieces of legislation introduced to federal andstate legislatures over the past year which severely impact women’s health. And ifyou’ve been following me on twitter, you’ve probably seen my disdain for the jackasses who are responsible. And please ignore the fat man with the golden microphone (is that his golden penis phallic fetish?), he isn’t the one responsible for creating bills designed to discriminate against women. The only thing he does is throw white trash easily mutablefly over’s into a hate frenzy – and yeah, well he calls women sluts. But so what? Slut shaming is so 1965. I can’t remember a time when I felt ashamed when someone called me a slut. It usually made me laugh myself silly. But hey,I spent 10 years with a rock band listening to their hilarity, so I have thick skin. And I’m probably a little more harsh than even they were sometimes. I’m impervious.

What myself and the rest of the 51% of the population (women) aren’t impervious to is the legislation being introduced into state and federal legislatures. It is infuriating. These tiny little boys who are playing politics with my body need to find a new job. They should be censured for discrimination against a group of people. They should be charged with hate crimes against women. But that’s just how I feel about it. The Catholic Church should lose their tax exempt status for this (< click) and Darrell Issa needs to be sent packing. He is a disgrace to my state. I think people are afraid to blame the one entity responsible for this war on women, the Catholic Church. They have displaced their rage on to a fat man with a golden microphone. Criticizing a church isn’t criticizing a god. Their ego wants you to think that, but it’s perfectly OK to be angry at the church. Jesus was. (or so the scripture tells us) I’m rambling, aren’t I? Sorry, I’m really upset.

I realize when it comes to women’s health and a woman’s anatomy, most men are baffled. It’s no wonder a group of men from the Catholic Church wouldn’t understand the many uses of birth control pills. Nor would they realize that they actually help women conceive children. I don’t think the nuns really talk to them about these things, and mixing with women really isn’t their thing. So it’s no surprise to see an all male panel discussing religious freedom and being so stringent to a false belief that they won’t even allow a woman to speak – thus creating a national stir on the issue and turning Sandra Fluke into the poster child for “government handouts of birth control pills” which is a complete falsification. Ladies and Gentlemen – we have our Martyr! This is so fucking high school bully syndrome. What are women supposed to do who pay for insurance plans, prescription drug coverage and a list of other health related things to do when they have an ovarian cyst eruption that could have been prevented by taking a pill that their insurance should pay for? This is childish. The only people who should feel shamed are the Catholic Bishops and Darrell Issa. Wasn’t Jesus into healing the sick? This is elementary my dear Watson!

THEN! after this started up this backwoods bigot from Missouri is jumping on the bandwagon and using women’s bodies to fight against the Affordable Care Act which prevents insurance companies from treating women as pre-existing conditions. His little friend in Florida, Mark Rubio, is in cahoots with him. Click on the links and read their dribbly diatribes. The Blunt Amendment, in essence, would allow for any company large or small to refuse to pay for any medicine or medical treatment based upon their moral beliefs. Thus, allowing your boss to have dictatorship over your health care. And not just women’s health care, gentlemen. Yours too. So if you think this is just about women (which it was designed to be but written slyly to wink wink at their good ‘ole boys) you’re missing the point and you haven’t READ THE BILL.

Women, if you don’t vote things are going to get very taliban(y). Everyone else – please educate yourselves about the many uses of birth control pills.

***all words are my own***

So, I made some images. And they are free to share all over the internet if you want to grab them and post them everywhere. Just as long as you aren’t making a profit from it. Not for hardcopy publishing rights though. I retain those.

Let’s be BLUNT! BE BLUNT EVERYWHERE!!!! with credit please.


The Pill Makes Women Happy ©2012 Zoe Wiseman - model: Titania Lyn

The Pill Makes Women Happy ©2012 Zoe Wiseman - model: Titania Lyn


Let's be BLUNT - ©2012 Zoe Wiseman - model: Carlotta Champagne

Let's be BLUNT - ©2012 Zoe Wiseman - model: Carlotta Champagne


Let's be BLUNT - ©2012 Zoe Wiseman - model: Carlotta Champagne

Let's be BLUNT - ©2012 Zoe Wiseman - model: Carlotta Champagne


Fish Haul Beach - Hilton Head Island Model: Katharine

Fish Haul Beach - Hilton Head Island Model: Katharine

I’ve donated this print to benefit Sendai, Japan. It will be available at The Kona Gallery in San Clemente, California this Saturday April 16, 2011. I have extended family just outside of Tokyo, so it’s also a personal uplifting thing for me to do.

412 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672

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Rebekah Colby, Corporate Communications

Office: +1.949.481.3747
Fax:     +1.949.481.3941

Email: [email protected]



Silent Auction and Raffle at Free Event
SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA, U.S.–– The KONA Gallery invites you to a silent auction and raffle to raise money for the victims of the Sendai area earthquake and tsunami. Join us at The KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center at 412 North El Camino Real, San Clemente, U.S., on Saturday April 16th from 6p.m. until 9p.m. to participate in this cause and to be apart of a silent auction/raffle and general event to remember and benefit the victims.

It has been a month since the devastating 9.0 earthquake and ensuring deadly tsunami hit Japan. The fallout is still being felt worldwide. International Medical Corps, ZUMA Press, DOUBLEtruck Magazine, plus over two dozen merchants in San Clemente area have teamed up with the KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Workshop Center to throw a benefit for the victims. The benefit will auction and raffle off over $100,000 worth of goods and services.


Scott Mc Kiernan, owner of The KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center, has generously donated all of the Limited Edition DOUBLEtruck Magazine prints in the current exhibition of 29 Seeing Double Exhibition, the 20×30 prints are framed in museum frames, valued at $1,500 each, to be auctioned off, totaling over $ 43,000 worth. A great way to support the cause and get a beautiful photograph that tells a story that people should know.

The night is one you are not going to want to miss. The following is a list of the San Clemente companies who have contributed to the silent auction: Del Mar Beauty Supply/ Salon Bamboo, Chin’s Acupuncture, 5 Elements Spa, Sonny’s Pizza, The Cellar, Peligroso, Pizza Port, Bliss Boutique, San Clemente Wine Co, Beachfire, Skullcandy, Rainbow, Casa Tropicana, Nick’s, Hobie, Asana Fit, First Team Real Estate, Runmore, OltreMare, OC Tykes, Beach City Florist and St. Roy at Vine.

If you cannot attend in person, feel free to send a check to the gallery, put in memo: Quake Benefit.

100% of the proceeds will go to Japan, through International Medical Corps and ZUMA Press’s Tokyo Bureau. For more information about the silent auction and The KONA Gallery, please contact Rebekah Colby at +1.949. 481.3747 or email [email protected]

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS ––Established in 1984, International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs.


THE KONA GALLERYAND PHOTOJOURNALISM CENTER––Unveiled on October 7, 2009 by photojournalist and entrepreneur, Scott Mc Kiernan, The KONA Gallery is a space dedicated to the presentation and discourse of photojournalism. The vision of The KONA Gallery has been to expose a broad audience to moving historical moments through the lens of acclaimed photographers. The center will be holding exhibits in its’ two galleries and a monthly lecture series will be held in the BIG WEDNESDAY Gallery, along with workshops thru out the year and other educational presentations.

Japan Quake Tsunami Benefit - The Kona Gallery

Japan Quake Tsunami Benefit - The Kona Gallery



I’ll be teaching a workshop with Julia Dean Photo Workshops in May with Larva X called the Happy Muse. JDPW is giving an early bird discount for enrolling now. Here is the information! I hope to meet you. It will be taught on the weekends.

9 Happy Muses

9 Happy Muses

The Happy Muse

Knowing how to work with a model is crucial when producing memorable photographs. This workshop, taught by photographer and former model Zoe Wiseman & fashion, figure model Larva X demonstrates how to establish a positive working relationship between artist and model and the importance of making a model comfortable and relaxed – The Happy Muse.

The first weekend will include lecture and an instructional photo shoot. Zoe will photograph Larva while students observe how each of them communicates with one another. Topics covered include communication that procures great flow during a shoot, proper etiquette before and after the shoot, the importance of establishing a connection between model and photographer, handling releases, and setting up shoots 2, 3, 4, and 5. Emphasis will be on making the model happy so he or she will want to continue the working relationship. Two shooting sessions with professional figure models will provide students with an opportunity to put theory into practice. Each session will be followed by a group critique.

A portion of the workshop will also talk about marketing student work and the importance of social media. Digital and film users are welcome, although film users may not have the time to scan and process their images for group critiques. Participants will work with a 3:1 student to model ratio.

Dates: May 7 – 22

Workshop fee: $535 + $150 figure model fee

Enrollment limit: 15 students

6 Session(s)
Sat, Sun 10 am – 1 pm, May 7, 2011 – May 22, 2011

Instructor(s): Zoe Wiseman & Larva X
Location: JDPW

Additional Information:
May 14 and May 21 meeting times may vary.

Uninhibited Perfection

Uninhibited Perfection



If you didn’t already know, I take a lot of photographs with my iPhone. I’ve written about iPhone apps and have been featured on Ovation TV. Now I have the honor of speaking at the Santa Monica Apple store on November 11, 2010 about the art of the iPhone and the process I go through when I make my pictures. I AM A GEEK! Yes, I know. But, it’s really fun to make iPhone pictures.


The Apple Store: Nov 11, Santa Monica, Third Street Promenade, 7 p.m. on.
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The book my image “Solar Energy” was published in has now been released by 205 different photographers with one photo each are all included inside this collective. You can purchase a copy by going to

Jazmine Dominique is the beautiful model in the photo.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy - @2007 Zoe Wiseman - Model: Jazmine Dominique

Scott Sheppard from Inside Analog Photography asked for an interview a couple months ago and I was happy to give it. Nervous because I don’t normally like to talk – I hate my voice – but thankfully I didn’t annoy myself as much as I thought I would. What a relief! Thanks Scott! I think he asked some great questions and enabled me to give a good interview because of it. Inside Analog Photography is a gem of a Podcast. So many great interviews with some of today’s most recognized photographers. I’m honored to be amongst them all. If you love photography, even if you shoot digital, you should subscribe. There’s a wealth of information inside this podcast. You can hear me directly here – CLICK! And you can visit Inside Analog Photography’s website and I’ll be there soon too.

Please enjoy a photo from my last shoot in the desert with Meghan Claire. I have to work with her again soon. She’s amazing.

Sublime Nude, Model: Meghan Claire @ 2010 Zoe Wiseman

I was gone for a couple weeks down south, New Orleans to be exact. It was good to be home. It was sad knowing that they’re going through yet another tragedy. I went down to Venice, Louisiana so I could see the marshes and swamps one last time before they become a dead zone. I’m crying as I’m typing this. I can’t express how much I love Louisiana in words. I became who I am today there. I feel the hurt. Tragic beauty. That’s my city. Chicago doesn’t know the Blues like New Orleans does. Life is cheap there, and at the same time the most valuable commodity on earth. I don’t know why they always have the world punch them like it does, but as I’m trying to think on the positive side of things, their artistic expression wouldn’t be the way it is without all this tragedy. It doesn’t make it good, the people do. They are some of the strongest people in heart that I know. And their pain is my pain. And as the oil is starting to reach the shores of Pesacola, Florida tonight, I feel their pain too. I spent many days on those beaches. Knowing there’s no hope is absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t even begin to speak about the animals suffering or … I’ll end it there. Everyone please keep these people in your hearts. Let’s make them even stronger and more resilient.

Venice, Louisiana marsh land @2010 Zoe Wiseman

Venice, Louisiana marsh land @2010 Zoe Wiseman

Egret @2010 Zoe Wiseman

There’s something spiritual about sitting down with a cup of hot coco and scanning Type 85 Polaroid negatives. Well, any negatives really. I just like to talk film specs so the search engines pick me up. It’s all a game with google really. I play games with that jerk all the time. One of those geeky things I’ve learned being online since before some of these models graduated from high school. It used to be Yahoo! They used to be all exclusive. You used to have to pay Yahoo! to list your site. Could you imagine that today? They ran so many people away. But! Enough about this I’m rambling!

I have been super busy lately. So busy that it’s taken me since March 27 to even scan all the Polaroid film I shot, and I haven’t even taken the 35mm and 120 down to be developed. I’d develop it myself, but living in a glass house is a bit problematic with light leaking and all that. Not one spot in the house for total complete darkness. So, bust.

But I’ve had three really great shoots and I’m posting some of the stuff now. St. Merrique and I worked together up in Malibu and Meghan and I stole some time in Palm Springs during the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Both are AMAZING and super nice. I love working with nice friendly people.

Also – I will be in a show on May 27 with Rene Russo (girl crush) and unfortunately I will so not be able to be at the show. My Grandfather’s funeral is on May 28. So… leNU LA and “C’est la vie” ~ But, Rei will be hanging around on the wall, so go to the show and buy the book and check it out if you happen to be in Los Angeles. Lots of photographers and models who are on this site will also be mingling about and hanging on walls. It’s all so ritualistic. My official site has all the skinny on that.

Enjoy pictures made on Chocolate, Silver and Type 85 Polaroid with a Holga…

On Saturday April 24, 2010 from 11AM – 12:30PM I will be discussing print quality and the importance of ISBN numbers during MOPLA – Month of Photography Los Angeles. This is part of the Fresh Fairs Discussions. Click here for the Calendar!

Admission: $10.00 General Admission, $5.00 for Lucie Members and Students

Location: Pier 59 Studios – 2415 Michigan Avenue (off Cloverfield Boulevard), Santa Monica, CA 90404

Join the conversation and revolution around self-publishing. A&I Photographic and Digital Services has organized an incredible panel of 8 individuals who can share their experiences, from their perspectives.

Rex Weiner: Moderator – Books Consultant, A&I Books, Editor/Publisher, Great Circle Books “Benchmarks for a successful self-publishing”

Baret Lepejian: Co-Owner, A&I “Self-Publishing and empowerment”

Julia Dean: Julia Dean Photo Workshop “Design and Image Selection”

Astor Morgan: Photographer, APA/LA Chairman “The process of Book Creation”

Wayne Shoenfeld: Photographer “Distribution and Marketing”

Zoe Wiseman: Photographer “Print Quality and ISBN Numbers”

Michael Kirchoff: Photographer “Self-Publishing start-to-finish”

Barry Schwartz: Photographer, President ASMP/LA “The industry and your book’s impact”


I hope to see some of you there! If you are curious about my book feel free to order it. Each image inside the book is a true rendition of how I actually print my work.

iPhone snap of Fiat Lux

iPhone snap of Fiat Lux

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