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I can’t seem to decide yet which of my other photos from the oh/wv trip to post. been going through a ton of equally amazing images and just can’t pick a few. so now, something else, more recent.

every year, the first week of december in miami is filled with people and art. i try and make a point to be in town for Art Basel Miami Beach, which is the largest contemporary art show in the country. in addition to the main event, there are art fairs all over the city. every building with a wall becomes a gallery. as do the street corners and beaches. it’s like a magical world of creative energy.

my skinny self in the middle of the Vanessa Beecroft installation (via PRISM. click for source)

this year, i had the wonderful opportunity to work with artist Vanessa Beecroft as part of her installation “vb69” during the exclusive “Nude Is Muse” event. i’d never done anything like that before. there was a lot of press coverage, too, which was kind of cool. every time i work some sort of event (typically a fashion show), i wait a few days and start scouring the internet to find images. this time, i found photos and articles on sites i never expected to be even remotely affiliated with, but am very pleased about. and numerous art blogs, a few of which lovingly exclaimed something along the lines of “those poor freezing models!”

it was cold.

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