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i am in the philippines working on a project. been here a week so far and still getting used to everything. when i first arrived, i was staying in a very nice resort – something i’ve never really done before (i’m a motel 6 kinda girl). the light in my room was just amazing. one afternoon, feeling a bit introspective, i shot these.


i was in this air conditioned paradise and just outside the window with the gorgeous light, it is the third world. a slight feeling of guilt, yet i know this fancy hotel is great for the economy.


circular mirrors

the fun part of this shoot is that it was all hand-held. typically, i use a tripod. this is much easier and more precise. but my tripod is gigantic and i had no intention of traveling around the world with it. so there was a bit of challenge to get decent angles without my arm’s shadow or odd muscle flexing in the frame. and my hand was a bit sore from holding it up. this is the one time i was thankful to have my little rebel xt instead of the 5d of my dreams.


i have a love-hate relationship with my belly button. mostly now, i have grown to accept it for what it is. just as i have with my nose, my chin, my chest, my thin frame and the birthmark over my lip. i wonder why it is so many of us have such negative feelings about our bodies. i’m not going to blame the media because i was never really all too interested in tv or magazines and i feel i got more ideas of what is “normal” or “beautiful” from the people around me. i was pretty much dawn weiner growing up. but now, i’m happy with myself, imperfections and all.

unfortunately my room now doesn’t have such great light. 🙁

some years ago, i met Jonathan Kane on one of those model networking sites.  i instantly fell in love with his work and vision. at the time, i lived too far away to shoot (i might not even have had a car at the time). fast forward maybe three years, i got a car,  moved to miami (which took off a considerable amount of drive time), we reconnected and have been close friends ever since.

friends, old and new, in my kitchen sink.

recently, he came for a visit with model Eleanor Black. we had a lovely day traipsing through south beach and ended with a shoot in my living room/studio.

emkat number two. by Jonathan Kane

it’s pretty rare that i pose with another model. for photography, anyway. there’s always a bit of a challenge in that.  she was great to work with, though. the hard part was not slamming into each other at high velocities!

me & eleanor

mercurial like mercury. by Jonathan Kane

i was really not expecting to pose that evening, assuming the role of photo assistant. but i am glad i did. every time i work with Jonathan, it is pure magic.

the ever increasing space between us

the ever increasing space between us. by Jonathan Kane

i shoot a lot of self-portraits.  these were specifically for a show in fort lauderdale called “The Music In Me”.

The Fifer

The Fifer

my dad sometimes used to make little jokes about a duppy with it’s head turned backwards. i was thinking of that when planning the shots. i wanted something just a bit unsettling.

The Recorderist

The Recorderist

Gallery 101
3042 N. Federal Highway
Suite 100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306


"moment" from my series "Voyeur"

last saturday, i showed my work during a fairly big art event. in the past, my exhibition experience consisted of one or two pieces in various juried shows in places far from where i live. but this time, i was able to show a whole series (10 pieces). and awkwardly stood near my wall space as people kind of glanced at it and went on to look at the brightly colored paintings just past it. once i was there, i realized the outfit i chose to wear was the same color scheme as the photographs. wardrobe fail.



i often imagined what people were thinking as they looked briefly…
“eh, just some skinny naked chick.”
“was that an open bar in the hallway?”



there were a few people i talked to who seemed to like my work. which was nice to hear. one woman felt the need to hold my hand as she spoke, which was…extremely awkward. she was holding it fairly loosely, yet tightly enough that it required some force to extract. i didn’t want to be rude, so i just held hands with this stranger for a few minutes.

another man said he’d like them just a bit better if the subject was male. “because i’m a man,” he explained. i mentioned they were self-portraits.



all in all, it was a good experience.

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