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i spent some time late october/early november in ohio, west virginia, virginia, maryland and michigan.

Larry Gerthoffer left me a voicemail that made me smile. in a way, i am glad i missed the call right then, just because i can listen to it again.

Fractured Fairy Tales by Larry Gerthoffer

he is just delightful. i like people who have a sense of calm and peace to them, people who haven’t lost their sense of wonder.

O U # 2 by Larry Gerthoffer

i’d never had clay on places other than my face. i really liked how that felt on my fingers. and the stiffness and crackling of it when it dries. and the smell of it, too. kind of made me want to learn how to make pottery. i guess in some way, i was pottery.

O U by Larry Gerthoffer

it was a very quiet halloween. i usually like to spend it going to parties and/or observing all the chaos in south beach. but maybe what i really needed was a large pot full of warm clay.

crackle, crackle

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