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i haven’t posted since August? really? how did that happen?

today, i present some images from an amazing adventure i had a while back with my favorite adventure buddies, Dave Levingston and Brooke Lynne.

Dave and Brooke at various breakfasts

we started in Minneapolis and drove and drove and drove.

the United States really is a beautiful country. except Nebraska (sorry Nebraskans, but you should, like, totally move away). you can read about all the joys of Nebraska on Dave’s blog (and more details about the whole trip in general, starting around Sept.). ┬áin any case, we spent more time there than originally planned due to suicidal cloven-hooved mammals.

but at least we got this out of it.

Carhenge, by Dave Levingston

ever since i met Dave a couple years ago, he’s been talking pretty much non-stop about Brooke. Brooke this, Brooke that, blah blah blah Brooke. so i had a pretty high expectation of her, and…he’s right. BROOKE IS AWESOME. beautiful inside and out, and someone i can comfortably be quiet next to. and the things this woman can do with her body!

Brooke, by Dave Levingston

i liked her so much, i asked her to come to Miami and work on my magazine, L’Allure des Mots. a video i shot of her during this trip can be seen in issue 4 (page 46, to be exact).


by Dave Levingston, edit by me

i love the alien landscape of the western desert. and was probably more excited than i should have been the first time i saw a tumbleweed.

sun break between shots

much of it felt very surreal to me. then again, most of life is like that for me.

but, the colors! oh the colors!

by Dave Levingston

by Dave Levingston

despite deer, and limited vegetarian food, and truck problems, and the fear of impending death, and my bizarre haircut at the time, we made some wonderful artwork, methinks.

Brooke's Hands as She Performs a Gravity-Defying Feat for Dave's Camera

as per usual, i lugged my camera around everywhere and only took a few photos. mostly landscapes on chrome that maybe one day i will scan. sometimes i think i may as well just not put film in the camera at all.

self-portrait at Goblin Valley

we drove to Las Vegas, and then to Los Angeles, where i remained for some fashion work, and my travel family went back up to Minneapolis. it was hard to say goodbye.

hello, again

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