June, 2011 Archives

this was absolutely the weirdest shoot ever. i probably shouldn’t get into the whys, but let’s just say i get funny feelings whenever i look at sports memorabilia.

by Maks Dikarev

i’m glad i got to share this especially odd experience with my good friend and pizza-eating companion, photographer Maks Dikarev.

by Maks Dikarev

nude beaches seem like the perfect location, don’t they? ┬ábut a park employee obviously enjoys disrupting photoshoots. even the police were involved, though we were doing nothing illegal. once the fiasco was over, beachgoers around us came out to tell about their experiences being hassled by authorities there. apparently there is a large percentage of nude beach visitors who are also disgruntled photographers.


by Maks Dikarev

in other news, i cut off my hair and now it is black with dark blue highlights…


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