I started Art Nude photography  almost 2…

I started Art Nude photography  almost 2 years ago now and thought I’d chart my progress (or otherwise).

SO, having not written a blog before, here we go feet first…

December 2008. I signed up for a workshop here in Perth, Australia run by Jon Miller and featuring US based model Candace Nirvana.

Jon discussed with us how we wanted to light the model and we started with a basic set up for low-key. Armed with the all the tips, the most important of which was to interact with the model and keep the energy and flow going, I leaped into Art Nude photography… Well almost – having never shoot in a studio, never with a naked woman, relatively new to my camera… it all clogged up the brain and I almost froze!! Candace rescued me with some great poses and I just clicked away – so much for interaction and directions!! But the results encouraged me to continue and explore this genre.

Thanks Jon & Candace.

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