A room fit for a king…

In August 2012, I had the pleasure to shoot two wonderful English models at Stuart House in Cornwall, UK. King Charles I stayed there during the civil war and one of the models, Ginny, kindly arranged for us to be able to shoot at the historic house.
An awesome set up , all natural light.
In some of the set I wanted to explore lines, symmetries and form against an old house (with modern english plumbing!).
Lots of fun and I was very happy with the results, which are here:



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Of Earth & Flesh – taking part in my first exhibition

A short while ago, I took part in a collective project and exhibition. It was my first one. The theme was based on some Body Painting designs entitled “of Earth & Flesh”.

Here are some from the various sessions:

of earth dive Earth

cresent flight


I may post the exhibited ones later.

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A visit to the dunes…

From a recent visit to the local dunes with Zara Ferndadez, now based in Sydney.RJP_WEB- RJP_WEB--2

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Recently had the pleasure to work again with Melbourne based model Anoush Anou.

I had work with Anoush once before on Ebony&Ivory themed set with Evie Coleman. There I tried to explore conflict and reconciliation.

This time was a solo shoot with Anoush with a few random compositions!!

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London Calling…

May 2010. On a business trip to London, I decided to fit in a shoot or two. Two models I wanted to work with – Ivoryflame, whom I worked with in Perth and AlexB a model who’s work I admired on Deviantart (http://AlexB244.deviantart.com/).

Limited for time and not having access to a studio I decided to do the shoots in my Hotel room. I had brought along a strobe and remote trigger as I did not know if the room would have much natural light.

The room was small and it was cramped to to get the angles and depth I wanted. However, it was a great experience as it challenged me to be creative.

Here are some shots from the two shoots in done on different days in the same room…


Ivory Flame

All in all a fun and rewarding addition to a business trip 🙂

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Moving back outdoors to the beach

January 2010.

Moving back outdoors to the local beach, I did a shoot with (now UK based) Emma.

There had been a high tide & stormy weather on the previous evening, resulting is some wave cut very small cliff’s in the sand. which just provided a great canvas to work on…

Working in the harsh Aussie sun can be challenging but early morning here on the West Coast can be rewarding too.

Here on the Sea and Sand I learnt to use what you find and what nature has available for you at that moment.

I was therefore tempted to go somewhere where I had to create the scene, so going solo in Studio was next on my list…

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Take a challenge: Seek, find and execute.

October 2009.

At yet another workshop (yes I like workshops!) this time a general photography workshop covering a multitude of sins, Jon Miller had a section on Art nude. He split it into sections and provided a challenge to the photographers. Inside a room was a model and assistant – we were given an objective and one by one had to go into the room shoot for the objective under a certain time limit – boy was that fun… you just had to think on your feet, look, seek, find and execute.

This one was no talking to the model, just shooting…

The next challenge was to direct a pose within a small area of the studio…

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Workshop it, shoot it

September 2009 and Jon Miller let’s me know another workshop is on and it be upon the students to do the directing, posing etc. The original idea was to do part studio and part on location, but the spring weather was too cold and wet. So, studio it was and we were blessed to have the wonderful Holly (Ivory Flame) across from UK.

Using Jon’s incredible lighting setup (for more info visit his site jlorenzo.com.au ) we got some great images and Holly was a dream to work with…

I started to look more for shape, form and tone and as Jon reminded us “keep moving, keep looking, seeking”…

One of the other participants had brought some fabrics along, so we tried out a few things. Then I asked Holly to drap the black fabric over herself like a veil. Sometimes things just come together…

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May 2009. After the initial pop of the p…

May 2009. After the initial pop of the proverbial photographer’s cherry , as it were, I decided to do a beach shoot. This time with US based, Australian model, Jessamyne.

Working with a professional model again was just a great – a real confidence builder and the shoot was both good fun and very rewarding.

I chose early morning for the easterly light meaning I could easily get the sea as the background and Perth being prone to sea breezes it meant low wind (no sand blowing).

Later I experimented with off camera flash in the dune area at the back of the beach…

I was hooked by this stage 🙂

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I started Art Nude photography  almost 2…

I started Art Nude photography  almost 2 years ago now and thought I’d chart my progress (or otherwise).

SO, having not written a blog before, here we go feet first…

December 2008. I signed up for a workshop here in Perth, Australia run by Jon Miller and featuring US based model Candace Nirvana.

Jon discussed with us how we wanted to light the model and we started with a basic set up for low-key. Armed with the all the tips, the most important of which was to interact with the model and keep the energy and flow going, I leaped into Art Nude photography… Well almost – having never shoot in a studio, never with a naked woman, relatively new to my camera… it all clogged up the brain and I almost froze!! Candace rescued me with some great poses and I just clicked away – so much for interaction and directions!! But the results encouraged me to continue and explore this genre.

Thanks Jon & Candace.

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