Joceline: A Log, A Beach and a Sunset

A log, a beach and a sunset…..what more do you need for a great image? Well, a talented model willing to do one armed hand stands on the log suspended 5 feet above the ground would be nice. Joceline disappointed me in not being able to do that pose, but what she did accomplish was almost as good. Sorry, trying my turn at English sarcasm.  We were shooting at sunset on Mission Beach, Australia with this old palm tree log suspended above the beach. The pictures speak for themselves of the great light and her grace and talent in balancing on the log, the difficulty of the poses and our use of the light.  In fact the way the light hits her it appears like  I used a golden reflector.  However, it was actually the light just filtering through the palm leaves high above us.  In looking at these poses, I think they ought to start a new Olympic event for Model Posing and rate them on degree of difficulty and conditions.  For these shots, I give Joc a  score of 10!

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