Madame Bink

May 20, 2011 in Models

Madame Bink (link to her website) is one of the UK’s most notable figure models. She works in other genres too and her website is filled with gorgeous photography by many talented photographers. She has a blog here too, but it is always nice to see a model take themselves seriously with a beautiful site.

She has a home studio, does tuition days with Adam Robertson joined as Team Binkertson. (Tuition days are “workshops” for those of you not understanding British lingo.)

You can find her on Facebook and Twitter too! Did you know that she also is a really amazing photographer? Talent! Familiarize yourself with her work, you’ll be inspired.

2 responses to Madame Bink

  1. My Dear Madame Bink,
    You are simply amazing!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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