Puzzle (7-8-11)

As a child I would dive into books to discover new worlds and learn about alternate existences. As I got older I would move from place to place. Each time I would get a peek into a new universe with new experiences teaching me about different experiences.. The displacement became a welcome refuge. It wasn’t until my first taste of foreign soil that I began to find the sustenance I had been longing for. A new hunger was awakened and I began to long for the brief periods of being; escape into the unknown. Each time I was dropped into a strange place, surrounded by strange sights and alien languages, I felt a sense of peace.

Now it has become a necessary experience to awaken my spirit. It is during my travels that I start to remember myself. But still the path is unclear. Pieces of mismatched puzzles lay scattered around me, but no picture shows itself. All parts of a whole– disjointed and lost. Forgotten is the placement and how all the parts fall into place. Each land I walk upon whispers it’s secrets but quite often it is all lost in translation. My limited tongue lacks the ability to form the correct words, especially in my lative language. So here I am on the refreshing new soil of yet another land. Picking up new pieces to the indecipherable puzzle of my life. Despite everything having been brought into focus, still no picture forms_MG_8948

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Updates: I filled a journal..Will start Posting Random Excerpts

#into my brainĀ  3-11-11

Bard for Hire. Endless inspiration in return. A muse without a muse. My art is people, inspiration- but in the end that can be my only manifestation. Constantly an adventure, no time to lose. My own White Rabbit muttering even in the game, each time I seduce.

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Adventures in the Interweb

So as many artists have noticed over the years, technology and I like to fight. A lot. I have been working on getting my website launched and as I was having the phone meeting with my web designer, my phone decided to pick a fight…And dropped the call….More than 10 times in less than half an hour….Sooo I realized that

a) I have a kick-ass web designer who has endless patience…seriously he is amazing!

b) That maybe I am not crazy and reading to much into the temperamental technology thing…I mean this time there was a witness.

c) Some fights you can’t win-ESPECIALLY against technology….No matter how long you argue


I am not sure why or how it all started but this, at times volatile, cold-war I have been having with tech-stuffs needs to come to some sort of a resolution, because technology has taken over and is a big part of my modeling career….Just not sure how to start a peace treaty….pride smile

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“…back again, back again, lickety-split…”


Over the years I have come and gone from my path as a model. Yet I always come back to the slate wanting more than ever to create. Of all the mediums there is something magical and playful about being the subject that is waiting to be molded into a piece of art. I love most of all those rare moments when I am so in-tune with the artist that we can create something that needs no editing/fixing,perfecting….the image above is one of those wonderful moments, other than the adding of the watermark there has been no editing….oh how I’m glad to be back

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Modeling as an art

I was asked the other day by an artist I had worked with, “Why are you drawn to doing nudes?”

It was the first time I ever tried to verbalize how I felt and it was my response that made me realize that my recent decision to pursue modeling full-time was the right choice. This was my response:

  • Amber Kourtney

    October 6

    Amber Kourtney

    • Why I enjoy modeling: “I like it a lot, and I love seeing what people do, I don’t really know how to put it into words but its the closest to seeing inside of someone else perception”

      “What is your attraction to nudes?”

      ” Posing for or looking at?”


      “Aesthetically I love the human form, I was brought up appreciating and respecting it and as a result am very comfortable with being nude; and as a model it is so much easier than dealing with wardrobe and constantly watching how the clothes lay and fight and move with the body. I feel that clothing can be very stifling to the creative process”

      ” I am much more fascinated with the lines and shapes of my body than looking at a picture of me in a pretty dress. There’s a time and place for both and I have done some clothed shoots and draped drawings that I absolutely love but at the end of the day my goal as a model is to be the canvas/clay a part of the whole, I don’t want the bulk of my images to be just a picture of a pretty girl. That’s why I love the bodyscapes and figure sessions, and also why I love playing with lights”

    • Thanks for taking the time to peek into why I do what I do
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Hello world!

Welcome to ARTnudes Network. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Please keep image file sizes to maximum of 200k.

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